I know because I’ve attended countless sales and marketing training sessions. Some were excellent but unfortunately many were dull, boring and uninspiring. That’s because they were a monologue with an instructor ‘telling’ you about a subject.

My approach to sales and marketing training is different

I make sales and marketing training informative, educational and fun. From experience, I know that this is the best way of understanding concepts and applying them to your business.

Training is based on the Reinventing the Sale model but I always make it relevant to your business.

We make sure everyone is involved

But don’t worry, I don’t use the silly role plays that everyone hates. We’ve all been through them and in my view they are a waste of time. Most people hate pretending to be someone else in front of their colleagues. That’s why I don’t use them!

I do ask lots of questions though and I encourage you to do the same. I also run spot quizzes and use a few other secrets I’ve learned over the years.

The whole atmosphere is informal and fun, but we do work hard. The aim is to get you to use new ideas and skills to take your performance to the next level.

How long is each course?

I believe in making everything as simple as possible. This makes it easier to absorb new information, apply it quickly and drive your business forward. And isn’t that the whole purpose of training?

Each course runs for one day. We start at 9am and finish at 5pm. There are frequent breaks to recharge coffee and tea cups, and a short lunch break to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and talk through any issues that come up.

What we cover

I currently provide sales and marketing training courses on the following topics ...





I know that cash can be tight sometimes, especially for a growing business.

To run a course we need a minimum of two, preferably three attendees. The more people you want to attend, the more discount I can give you. And if you’d like to attend multiple courses, I can also make it attractive for you! Get in touch for more details.


Fees for all courses are £500 per person (excluding VAT). This includes all materials and workbooks. 

Each course is for a specific client at a location of your choice. If it’s run at your office there is no extra charge. If it’s run at a hotel or conference centre, we can organise everything and will invoice you with the costs. If you prefer, you can hire the venue and negotiate your own terms.