Reinventing the Sale

Social selling

Social Selling by John Fedden

I have worked with John Rees across many client projects over the past seven years. 
His expertise in market positioning, communication, sales strategy and deal-making dove tails into my capability to use Social Selling methods to create a predictable sales pipeline.



Social Selling is a misnomer

With high value B2B products and services you are not going to make the sale using LinkedIn. But, without effectively utilizing Social Networks (such as LinkedIn) you will be restricted in your capability to find your next sales opportunity and position yourself as a trusted advisor in order to influence buyer requirements and make the sale.

You shouldn’t jump into Social Selling just because everyone else is doing it. You should incorporate Social Selling into your customer engagement approach because this, compared to traditional methods, is better aligned with today’s B2B buying process.

How you sell must be congruent with how people buy. Up to five years ago a buyer would decide that they had a problem and call in a number of suppliers to understand how the problem could be fixed.

This is where a good salesperson could consult, influence and develop a strong customer relationship. Today, with Social Media and Social Networks, a customer has all the information they need recognize their problem, diagnose and determine an appropriate course of action – only calling in a salesperson when they want to negotiate on price.

If you only want to sell on price then ignore Social Selling, buy lots of advertising, hope customers will find you and start sharpening your price-discounting pencil.

Areas of focus

Working predominantly in the tech-space, I have successfully delivered over 100 Social Selling programs for organizations around the world. From small start-ups with a burning desire to rapidly grow, through to tier one software vendors that want to bring a change of mindset across a large sales team. I advise, design, train, coach, write, research and deliver.


Often I initially engage with a client and deliver a 12-week proof-of-concept program that has some solid KPI metrics associated with:

Growing your network – This involves using Social Media and connection strategies to build your own network amongst new potential customers that meet your sales qualification criteria.

Starting sales conversations – Finding a repeatable way to initiate one-to-one digital conversations with new decision makers and influencers.

Generating appointments – Defining a reliable process for converting prospect dialogue off Social Networks and into real-world phone calls, meetings, discovery sessions, presentations and demonstrations.

If you want to sell on value and grow your business in a predictable way, then you need Social Selling.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Across the many sales, marketing and business leaders I have worked with I have been asked to address a multitude of challenges. Below are a few of the common ones. If any of these represent a current challenge for you right now, then let’s talk and share some ideas:

  • Traditional lead generation methods such as cold calling is expensive and produces unpredictable results, there must be a better way to generate sales leads and appointments? 
  • The competition always seems to engage with a sales opportunity before me, how can I turn this around? 
  • How can I enable the less performing members of my sales team be as good as the best? 
  • I seem to have smaller competitors that have a better known brand than me, what is the best way to quickly rectify this? 
  • My revenue is going up but my average deal size is going down, what is an effective way to increase sales value? 
  • My sales conversion rate is 1-in-5 but I want it to be 1-in-3, how can I improve my conversion rate? 
  • It’s taking new salespeople at least six months before they start hitting their quotas, what do I need to do to reduce this to three months? 
  • The average sales cycle is increasing, what do I need to do to reverse this trend? 

To learn more please get in touch.