Become a top sales performer

You win business and develop relationships by communicating in a way that build trust. And this is what builds a loyal audience that will buy again and endorse you with others.

Selling creates the wealth to fuel growth

Selling creates wealth. Without it, companies and economies have no future. But selling isn’t about pushing a product or service, it’s about solving problems. That’s why the best salespeople are seen as problem solvers, trusted advisors who can be relied upon to give great advice.

Qualities of top sales performers

Are great salespeople born, or can they be created? While personality doesplay a part, being successful requires more than a pleasing demeanour and a nice smile. It takes work to develop the 6 key qualities that all top performers possess. We will cover this in depth in sales best practice training.

Why you need a sales process

Buyers and sellers see the world from different places, but one is really the mirror image of the other. The key to success is to understand how people buy and then align your sales process with that. And that’s what a sales process will help you to do.

Navigator is a sales process that’s been developed based on proven success over decades. It’s a simple 4 part process that will help you to improve your performance and win business in a faster, more cost-efficient way.

The power of questions

The ability to ask great questions is a key skill that all top performers have. They know that communication is a two-way process, so instead of pushing their product or service, they ask questions to discover people’s wants, needs and motivation to buy.

Predicting sales

Forecasting the flow of revenue in any business is critically important. Unless you have visibility on where the business is going, it’s hard to make plans for the future. But this is an area of weakness in many businesses. The best approach is to align this with your sales process because this is far more realistic and accurate. You’ll learn how to do this in sales best practice training.

Developing the relationship

When a sales is won it’s not the end. It’s the start of the process of developing a relationship and creating an advocate. The value extends well beyond the initial transaction though.

By listening and learning, you’ll be able to harness ideas to improve your products and services, simplify your processes and generally make it easier for people to do business with you.

Key areas of sales best practice training

  • Understanding how people buy
  • The six qualities of a top sales performer
  • Developing the right attitude to sell effectively
  • The power of questions to develop a relationship
  • Identifying the right opportunities to work on
  • How to handle objections and close a sale
  • Using Navigator sales process to improve performance
  • How to make realistic sales forecasts