How to be a great communicator

The ability to share your ideas is a critical skill for anyone in business. But for many people, this is where it all goes wrong!

We often hear people say that truly great communicators are born. It’s a fact that some people do have a natural skill, but the truly inspired communicators have an obsessive attention to detail, and total commitment to getting it right. This is what presentation skills training will help you to achieve.

Find your ‘Big Idea’

The foundation of a great presentation is a strong story that captivates attention. The foolproof way of developing a story is to decide what your ‘Big Idea’ is and craft it into a compelling headline. Then you expand that into the story you will tell.

Think like a designer

Designing a presentation is more than choosing a template, colour scheme or font. It’s not just about style, it’s about providing a better user experience which makes it easier for the audience to understand your story and get excited about it.

Presentation skills training is an interactive workshop where you will learn how to develop and deliver compelling and persuasive presentations.

There are no theoretical role plays involved, instead you will build and deliver presentations that can be put straight to use in your work.

Key areas of presentation skills training

  • The 5 part process of creating a presentation with impact
  • How to develop compelling ideas
  • Start thinking like a designer
  • Key principles of creating great content
  • Designing the content and flow
  • Top tips and techniques to present like a pro