What makes you different?

You must describe what’s different and special about your business in a clear, concise and compelling way that attracts attention and motivates action.

Stand out and be outstanding

Having a great business idea, product or service isn’t enough to succeed. You must attract attention and arouse interest or you’ll be invisible. That’s why it’s so important to develop messages that motivate people to buy. And that’s where message development training will help you.

Clear, concise and compelling

The easier you make it for people to understand and be enthusiastic about your idea, the more successful you’ll be. And you do that by making messages clear, concise and compelling.

The best way to make a message clear is to keep it simple, cut the padding, lose the jargon and make it personal to your audience.

Being concise means getting to the point fast. It also means saying exactly what you mean. Power words helps because these have real impact.

To be compelling, a message must emphasise what’s in it for your audience. When they can easily understand the benefit, there is a greater probability they will buy.

Message Stack

Message development training is based on something called Message Stack. This is a proven way of creating great messages. And we’ll use it in this course to create an Inspiring Vision, Power Summary and Engaging Story.

Inspiring Vision describes your core values, beliefs, ethics and ambition. It should be a key driver of your marketing strategy and an inspiration for your audience, employees and partners.

Power Summary is connected to your Inspiring Vision. You use it when someone asks ‘what do you do?’ This is also called an Elevator Message, but there are a few key differences that we’ll explain in the course.

Engaging Story builds on the Power Summary and it’s when you go into more depth. When you do this, you’re well on your way to building your business.

Headlines and great content

Moving beyond these ideas we’ll also cover how to write great headlines and content you can use on your website, in social media and email, collateral and presentations. In fact, everything you share with your audience. This is called a Content Library and we’ll help you understand how to create it.

Key areas of message development training

  • What a ‘Big Idea’ is and how to find yours
  • How to create messages that attract an audience
  • Defining unique selling propositions that generate sales leads
  • Headlines – the attention grabbers every business must have
  • Why you need an Inspiring Vision
  • Why a Power Summary can kick start conversations
  • Foolproof ways to write your Engaging Story
  • Why brands are not just for big businesses