Building sales opportunity

Generating sales is the lifeblood of every business. But to generate sales you need sales leads. 

This is often called pipeline development or lead generation. And for many businesses, this is where the problems start.

A new approach to lead generation training

Many businesses still use so called ‘tried and tested’ techniques, such as email or cold-calling to pitch their ideas to people they hope will buy from them. The problem is that most of these techniques are outdated. They don’t apply to today’s connected world, where buyers are more informed than ever.

In this lead generation training you will learn how to think differently about building a pipeline. You will learn tried and tested techniques to generate as many opportunities as you can handle.

Attract attention through your ideas

The best way to build an audience, is to attract one through the strength of your ideas. This means publishing original and thought provoking ideas your audience will find valuable.

Make online work for you

Your website must also attract attention and help you build an audience. And to do that it must look great, be easy to use and provide valuable information for visitors.

Although email is sometimes seen as an old-fashioned alternative to social media, it’s still the most widely used method of communication. Creating email that gets read is a not as hard as it sounds if you follow a few simple rules.

Social media can be a powerful way of building momentum in your business. We will cover 6 simple rules to help you get maximum benefit from it.

Get the best results from events 

Exhibitions, conferences and seminars can be very effective, but they can also be expensive. Lead generation training will show you how to get the best possible return on your investment.

Key areas of lead generation training

  • Key principles of attracting people to you
  • The website as a lead generation tool
  • Using Thought Leadership to establish competitive superiority
  • Effective blogging to generate interest
  • How to maximise the value of referrals
  • Using email and the telephone effectively
  • What social media is and how to use it to build your business
  • Making exhibitions count