Reinventing the Sale


Proven Sales and Marketing expertise is scarce

It's the difference between dreaming about goals and achieving them.

To drive growth you need people with the right skills. But it’s very hard to find them. And even when you do, they are expensive and there’s a question mark over how well they’ll fit into your business. The cost of rectifying hiring mistakes is very high and extremely disruptive to your business.

That’s why more organisations hire interim experts in sales and marketing.

Interims were historically hired to fill a gap caused by someone leaving. Today they are being used more on a planned basis, to supplement a team or to help build capabilities a business doesn’t currently have.

It’s not just about overcoming obstacles and solving problems any more; it’s about grasping opportunities and driving growth

What I do

I work with businesses of any size, from a small startup to a more established business. Attitude and potential is more important than size. That’s why I focus on businesses with the ambition and drive to succeed.

As an interim, I work as part of your team and take responsibility for delivering the results we agree on. This means I can cover a wide range of activities for you such as;

  • Generating a vibrant sales pipeline to drive revenue;
  • Building a network of partnerships and alliances;
  • Managing sales and negotiating contracts;
  • Developing brilliant presentations to captivate an audience;
  • Creating clear, concise and compelling messages and value propositions;
  • Training and mentoring your team to achieve results;
  • On-going involvement in a management or advisory capacity as agreed.

Why work with me?

1. Experience

I’ve been there and done it. With more than 30 years experience in front-line selling and top-level management, I’ve generated hundreds of millions in sales revenues. So you can rely on me to achieve the results you’re looking for.

I’ve worked globally across industry sectors such as IT and Software Services, Business Consultancy, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. This means I can quickly understand your challenges, and help you achieve results. I also have an extensive network of contacts that we can use to quickly build momentum.

2. Skills

I have a wide range of experience across sales, marketing, and business development. I have very strong verbal and visual skills. This means I create clear, concise and compelling stories that attract attention. I can also convert these into powerful content such as presentations and videos that are essential tools to build your reputation and win business.

3. Motivation

I have a total focus on providing exceptional service and achieving results. My success and growth are inextricably linked to yours. That’s because I work on a combination of fixed fee and performance payments based on results. The more successful I am for you, the more I earn and the higher my reputation, both of which is very important to me.

John has done has dramatically changed the way we operate
— Mike Clarke Managing Director of AuraQ Ltd.

Getting Started

My approach to interim sales and marketing services is simple, and the first step is a conversation to confirm if I can help you. Then I develop a fully costed proposal which includes;

  • The scope (Goals)
  • What I’ll do (Deliverables)
  • How I’ll do it (Plan)
  • How long it will take (Duration)
  • What it will cost (Commercial terms)

Are you ready to take the next step?

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