To drive growth you need people with the proven Sales and Marketing expertise. But they are hard to find, usually expensive and there’s a question mark over how they’ll fit into your business. The cost of rectifying hiring mistakes can be high and extremely disruptive.

That’s why more organisations hire interim experts to supplement a team or to build capabilities a business doesn’t have.

it’s not about filling gaps, it’s about buying expertise to drive growth.

What I do

I work with businesses of any size, from the small startup to the more established business. I believe that attitude and potential is more important than size. That’s why I focus on businesses with the ambition and drive to succeed.

I will work as part of your team and take responsibility for delivering results. The areas I’ve worked on include the following;

  • Generating a vibrant sales pipeline to drive revenue.

  • Building a network of partnerships and alliances.

  • Managing sales and negotiating contracts.

  • Developing brilliant presentations to captivate an audience.

  • Creating compelling messages and value propositions.

  • Training and mentoring your team to achieve results.

  • On-going involvement in a management or advisory capacity.

Why work with me?

The main reason is because I have skills and experience to quickly understand your challenges and help you to achieve results. And that's exactly what you want from an Interim.


10 reasons to hire me as an interim

  1. 35 years experience in front-line sales and management.

  2. Proven business winner - generated hundreds of millions in sales revenues.

  3. Worked globally across industry sectors.

  4. Deep experience in sustainability, e-commerce and supply chain management.

  5. Wide range of experience across sales, marketing, and business development.

  6. Vastly experienced communicator with excellent oral and written skills.

  7. Sharp focus on simplicity to achieve rapid results.

  8. Successful relationship builder.

  9. Extensive network of contacts to quickly build momentum.

  10. Total focus on providing exceptional service and achieving results.


In a world full of buzzwords and jargon, John’s ability to keep everything simple is wonderfully refreshing. He makes decisions easier by stripping away all the complexity ... John is a superb mentor and, perhaps most importantly, is a great fun person to work with.
— Colin Curtis, Managing Director, TBL Services Ltd.


Getting Started

My approach is simple. The first step is to arrange a conversation so I can understand what you're trying to achieve. We may have further conversations and even meet to discuss more detail. If it seems like we have a good fit and I can help, I’ll develop a fully costed proposal which includes;

  • The scope (Goals)

  • What I’ll do (Deliverables)

  • How I’ll do it (Plan)

  • How long it will take (Duration)

  • What it will cost (Commercial terms)

ready to take the next step?

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