Doing what you've always done may not be enough to succeed

Stand out from the crowd with an authentic, powerful story that builds an audience.

Buyers are more informed than ever and every market is super competitive, so being good at selling is no longer enough. To succeed you must think differently. You must grab attention and build an audience that's interested in what you have to say. When you do this your chances of success improve dramatically.



I’m John Rees, a proven business winner with more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing. I’ve worked globally across different industry sectors and generated significant sales revenues. So I completely understand the pressures of working in a competitive environment.

I’ve distilled my knowledge and experience into simple success strategies. These will help you to achieve your goals by reinventing the way you sell.

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For a limited time I'm making online training courses and books free of charge.

They are based on proven techniques and experience I've developed over more than 30 years. They worked for me and they can work for you too.


Packed with tips, ideas and proven success strategies to transform your business into a profitable sales machine that drives strong and sustainable sales growth.

Contains 50 videos, 6 workbooks and a 230 page book.


Training courses are delivered by me in person, not online or though Skype. My training is different because it's short and easily applied to your business. There's no theory or silly role plays. Just solid proven advice based on decades of experience of success.  I run one day training courses on each of the following topics;

  • Message Development 
  • Market Strategy 
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Selling
  • Sales Best Practice 
  • Presentation Skills


The best way to sell your products or ideas is to tell a story that captivates your audience. And that's what StorySelling will do. 

It will help you to an authentic story and tell it with the passion, flair and confidence that will win any audience over.

Contains 10 videos, workbooks and a 90 page book. I've given thousands of presentations and trained hundreds of people in these techniques. All the secrets are here for free!


To drive strong and sustainable growth you need people with the right skills.  I work with businesses of any size, from a small startup to a more established business. Assignments range from a few days to several months. Typical areas include the following;

  • Generating a vibrant sales pipeline to drive revenue;
  • Building a network of partnerships and alliances;
  • Managing sales, negotiating contracts and winning business;
  • Developing brilliant presentations to captivate an audience;
  • Creating clear, concise and compelling messages and value propositions;
  • Training and mentoring your team to achieve results;
  • On-going involvement in a management or advisory capacity as agreed.


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