Being good at selling isN't enough to succeed

Of course you must be able to manage a sale, but you can't do that unless you grab attention, build rapport and trust. And the best way to do this is by creating compelling stories that describes your unique value. 

This is crucial because every market sector is super competitive and buyers have access to more information than ever before on you and your competitors.

But this is an area that many smaller businesses struggle with. Their stories don’t work well because of a lack of knowledge, poor writing skills, not enough time and a simple process that works.

I’m John Rees and that’s the problem I’ve addressed with The StorySpiral Method© and a range of other services.

the sTORy spiral method©

To succeed you must create powerful stories that attract attention and motivate buyers to take action. But creating the right story is difficult if you don’t have the right skills or if you’re not sure where to start.

The StorySpiral Method© will guide you through all the steps you need to take. It’s a proven process that’s guaranteed to work for any business with a story to tell. Download the 70 page workbook and use it to create your own story, or ask me for help.

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Online training

Online training courses are concise and easy to follow. If you have sales experience they are a useful refresher. If you have no experience you will learn the basics you need to succeed. All courses include workbooks and guides you can use to personalise the training and apply it directly to your business. 

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interim services

Proven sales and marketing expertise is hard to find. If you have a skills gap or you just need help with a sales or marketing issue, I may be able to help. I work with businesses of any size, from the small startup to the more established business.  

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