You can achieve success with these 5 words.

On a recent flight to Paris, I struck up a conversation with a young entrepreneur who had just founded a new business.

It was based on a brilliant idea. 

She was full of enthusiasm for it and on a trip to meet potential clients.

She asked me what I did for a living, and when I told her, she said “So what advice would you give me to achieve success?”

“Don’t you think you are already successful?” I asked. 

She said that things were tough. She was working crazy hours and connecting with hundreds of contacts on social media. Although she had some good responses, everything was taking longer than she hoped.

It was a typical type of conversation I’ve had with hundreds of business people over many years. They have a great idea, but they struggle to achieve success quickly enough.

When I ask how they think they can achieve success, the answers are all over the place. 

I usually hear tactical things like ‘build a great website, sell harder, work harder, be ruthless, focus, focus, focus on building relationships’ and on and on.

These are all obvious things to do. But in isolation they can be ineffective.

Based on my experience, the way any business person will achieve success can be summarised in this way;

 ‘Create and tell better stories’

It’s only 5 words long which is good, but what does it really mean? Let’s break it down and take a closer look;

'Create better stories

You must stand out from others who are competing for the buyer’s attention and business. This means telling them why you are different and why they should care.

'Tell better stories

Having a great story is one thing, but you must tell it in a way that attracts attention, arouses interest and motivates people to buy from you.

Of course you need to identify your audience and connect with them in the right way. You need a great website and online presence and you must possess the right skills.

But telling a great story is the trigger for all the other things. After all, they are just the enablers, the different ways you build an audience and communicate with them.

If your story is a stunner, it makes it far easier and more likely that you will achieve success.