Great Content isn't enough to succeed!

Everyone is talking about how ‘content’ is the key thing that grabs attention. But that’s not true any more because the internet is awash with sensationally great content. 

It’s now the baseline of what you must do to stand any chance of being seen. But there’s so much content and free advice available it’s overwhelming. There’s just too much content and too little time for people to consume it. So most of us are suffering from content shock!

That’s why it’s harder than ever to stand out. 

The more content there is on a topic, the harder it is for you to break through. Unless of course you have something dramatically different to say. 

If you’re talking about a topic that isn’t saturated it’s much easier to break through and even become the dominant voice. Then your task is to produce consistently great content and share it.

Sharing is caring

The key now is to make your content shareable. And this is more important in the age of content saturation than it’s ever been.

When a video or blog post ‘goes viral’ that’s content sharing in action. 

But why does something go viral? And what motivates someone to share content with others?

We share content because it benefits us in some way. It confers status on us. 

It’s a basic human desire to be admired and respected for being passionate about something,  educated, informed, cool, helpful and connected. Or we share because we want to build a relationship with the content producer or consumer. 

Of course not all of these apply to every situation. But by being helpful to others, we are satisfying a need to be seen as a ‘good’ person.

The key thing that makes your content shareable is its uniqueness. Unique really does mean something that’s different from anything that’s gone before. This could be a product, service or opinion on something. 

So what do you have to say that hasn’t been said before? Find that and you stand a great chance of breaking through.

12 tips to make your content easy to share

1. Make it easy.

Add social sharing buttons to all your content, blogs and website.

2. Give content away. 

Too many companies add in sign up and opt-in forms that are too long, so they turn people off. If your content is good enough, people will share it and come back for more, possibly paid for content. 

3. Be entertaining, captivating and inspiring and even funny! 

Research shows that humour and inspiration are powerful drivers. And in the corporate world it does help you to stand out from the dull, boring and grey stereotypical content you see everywhere.

Research also shows that there are 4 things that stops content sharing dead in its tracks;

1. Talking about yourself or your business and how wonderful it is.

2. Being offensive, confrontational or too outspoken.

3. Content that’s too hard to understand by trying to be too clever or obscure.

4. Asking for ‘likes’!

4. Create great headlines. 

If you don’t grab attention and pull people in, your great content will be ignored. Here are some tips for how to do that;

  • Short - ideally less that 8-10 words - always works best.
  • Never mislead people with false headlines.
  • Be creative so it stands out.
  • Mention a numbered list e.g. Five reasons to …
  • Make it helpful to the reader.
  • The headline is the most important thing so develop the story from it. 

5. Make it visual.

Humans remember far more when it’s associated with apowerful image or compelling Infographics.

6. Encourage comments.

 Get the conversation going by asking questions or inviting comments.

7. Revisit and repurpose old content. 

It may not have been seen first time around so bring it up to date.

  • Create an Infographic to tell a visual story.
  • Develop a presentation - add audio and upload to Slideshare.
  • Create a video.

8. Be visible.

Use great keywords and hashtags so people can easily find you and join the conversation.

9. Focus on solutions.

Messages must always be focussed on what you can do for them - what problems you solve.

10. Focus on your audience.

Remember that no-one cares about you or your product. They only care about what you can do for them. 

11. Don’t self-promote.

Always give your audience news they can use. This should be a story or comments on a story that will help them to grow in some way.

12. Be Real.

Always be authentic, real and honest in what you say and share. This is what builds Trust.