Great Content isn't enough to succeed!

Everyone is talking about how ‘content’ is the key thing that grabs attention. But that’s not true any more because the internet is awash with sensationally great content. 

It’s now the baseline of what you must do to stand any chance of being seen. But there’s so much content and free advice available it’s overwhelming. There’s just too much content and too little time for people to consume it. So most of us are suffering from content shock!

What’s the difference between a Winner and a Loser?

Everyone loves a winner. They are admired, loved and often handsomely rewarded for their success. But what makes a winner? Is it all about talent, good looks and the right connections? Or do you need something extra?

Every aspect of life today is competitive. Whether you’re trying to launch a business, get an education, sell your creative work or excel as an athlete or sports team, there’s competition to be the best.