My approach to life was forged in the mining valleys of Wales, where I grew up. My family were poor and the only way I could make my way in the world was to think differently, work hard and be determined.

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Those qualities have stayed with me and it's why I’m always trying to improve what I do on a personal and business level.

During my career I’ve worked in businesses where the only measure of success was sales. I was very good at it. I built successful organisations, travelled the world and sold several hundred millions dollars worth of business. 

purposeful business

My purpose was making a sale. When I did that I’d be handsomely rewarded. If I didn’t I could get fired. 

Now I’m not saying that money is bad and sales don’t matter, because that’s obviously not true. But if chasing a sale purely for the revenue is your only purpose, there’s something missing.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
— Apple Founder Steve Jobs

I believe we all need a higher purpose in our business life. Otherwise we’re just working to live, and that’s soul destroying. 

Having a higher purpose means doing what you really care about. It's something that fires your imagination, gets you out of bed early and motivates you to work hard towards achieving your goals.

finding your higher purpose


Higher purpose is thinking about the impact you make rather than what you can take. You need to make a profit, but not if it harms others or our planet. 

Your higher purpose is defined by what you care about (values) and your ambitions to make a positive impact for others.

I work with ambitious business owners who want to do more than just make money. I share my experiences and help them to find their higher purpose and achieve their goals.

I do this through training courses and coaching that makes it easy for anyone to master the sales and marketing skills they need to succeed.

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